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Staff expertise

At the Berry Street School, we are proud to have experts from a range of specialisations who help our students thrive, achieve and belong. Check back on this page to view new profiles of our talented staff.

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Staff members

We have a diverse range of staff that bring their expertise in teaching, administration and wellbeing to our different campuses.

Principal Joanne Alford

Joanne Alford


Lead Teacher Staff Development Jamie Ozga

Jamie Ozga

Lead Teacher Staff Development

deputy principal teaching and learning maddie witter

Maddie Witter

Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

Lead Teacher Meredith barclay

Meredith Barclay

Lead Teacher

VCAL Coordinator and Teacher Liesel Cooke

Liesel Cooke

VCAL Coordinator and Teacher

Education support Jackie Goodlet

Jackie Goodlet

Education Support

teacher Paull Jeffrey

Paull Jeffrey


Assistant Principal Damian McKee

Damian McKee

Assistant Principal

wellbeing teacher Kirsten Mende

Kirsten Mende


Poppy the brown poodle therapy dog


Animal Assisted Education Dog

education support Susanne Remilton

Susanne Remilton

Education Support

teacher Cameron Ross

Cameron Ross


teacher Caine Stabek

Caine Stabek


teacher Leah Van Keulen

Leah Van Keulen


teacher Tas Wansbrough

Tas Wansbrough


Teacher Eden Adams

Eden Adams


Teaching Associate Maxwell Affleck

Maxwell Affleck

Teaching Associate

Administrative Support Julie Brand

Julie Brand

Administrative Support

teacher Adriana Cefala

Adriana Cefala


Education Support Jody Cluderay

Jody Cluderay

Education Support

teacher Keith Coverdale

Keith Coverdale


VCAL Coordinator and Teacher Michelle Georgeson

Michelle Georgeson

VCAL Coordinator and Teacher

Education Support Jeremy Haigh

Jeremy Haigh

Education Support

DET tutor Amy Knee

Amy Knee

DET Tutor

Teaching Associate Eliza Kramer

Eliza Kramer

Teaching Associate

Mal Peart Education Support

Mal Peart

Education Support

Assistant Principal Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca Robinson

Assistant Principal

Acting Head of Wellbeing Rohena Schmitz

Rohena Schmitz

Acting Head of Wellbeing

teacher Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor


Vjay the golden Labrador therapy dog


Animal Assisted Education Dog

lead teacher Gloria Zahra

Gloria Zahra

Lead Teacher

comet the king charles cavalier therapy dog


Animal Assisted Education Dog

Teaching Associate Sacha French

Sacha French

Teaching Associate

Wellbeing teacher Caitlin Kendall-McHugh

Caitlin Kendal-McHugh


Education support Laura Libling

Laura Libling

Education Support

Lochie the black and brown kelpie therapy dog


Animal Assisted Education Dog

assistant principal Amy Mazzitelli

Amy Mazzitelli

Assistant Principal

Administrative Support Dehanne Miles

Dehanne Miles

Administrative Support

teacher Sabina Nowak

Sabina Nowak


Head of Wellbeing Patrick O'Gorman

Patrick O’Gorman

Head of Wellbeing

wellbeing teacher Melissa Serrurier

Melissa Serrurier


Noble Park teacher Nickita Suri

Nickita Suri


education support Mitchell Weybury

Mitchell Weybury

Education support

Lead Teacher Liam Wood

Liam Wood

Lead Teacher

lead teacher Rachael Coulbourn

Rachael Coulbourn

Lead Teacher

assistant principal Teresa Deshon

Teresa Deshon

Assistant Principal

Education Support Dion Gleeson

Dion Gleeson

Education Support

teacher Chris Grant

Chris Grant


teacher Emily Jeffery

Emily Jeffrey


wellbeing teacher Nicole Reynolds

Stacey Jobling


Annette Larkin Administrative Support

Annette Larkin

Administrative Support

teacher Tom Mepham

Tom Mepham


VCAL Coordinator and Teacher Stuart Shaw

Stuart Shaw

VCAL Coordinator and Teacher

head of wellbeing Troy Snelling

Troy Snelling

Head of Wellbeing

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