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I would like to extend a warm welcome to you from the Berry Street School.

The Berry Street School is a multi-campus specialist independent school offering free high-quality secondary education. We support young people who find it challenging to fit into mainstream education settings and who have gaps in their education.

Our leadership team and school staff at each campus will whole-heartedly welcome your child or the child you are supporting into our community with unconditional positive regard. We proudly support inclusivity and diversity.

Guided by our belief that all children and young people deserve to thrive, achieve and belong, we employ the best staff, many of whom are experts in their fields, and support them with professional learning and personal development opportunities to be their best for our students.

We are a data informed school, using the data to measure the growth and achievements of our students so that we can celebrate their success and design individual teaching and learning programs.

Our excellent staff engage students using the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) to build students’ confidence, wellbeing literacy and stamina to learn. Through BSEM, our school provides a stable, supportive and flexible environment to support students to flourish. We provide a rich curriculum to help our students develop wellbeing skills to become independent learners who can advocate for themselves in healthy ways.

We want our students to feel a sense of belonging to a community that is caring and aspirational. Most campuses offer a bus service to help our students attend school and every campus offers breakfast and lunch.

My favourite welcoming strategy is our animal assisted education program - meet our friendly dogs on the staff page. Each dog brings much joy to staff and students alike, which is evidenced by the smiles and laughter every day.

I would like to once again welcome you to the Berry Street School, where we proudly support young people who deserve our best.

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