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About the Victorian Certificate for Applied Learning (VCAL)

VCAL prepares students for future success in education, training or work. VCAL is a senior secondary certificate of education recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The VCAL qualification provides the skills and knowledge to enable students to make informed choices about their future pathways.

To learn more about VCAL, go to Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority: VCAL.

VCAL at The Berry Street School

The Berry Street School designs VCAL around student interests and the pathways they want for their future. We want our young people to have as many pathways of choice once they graduate.

We also believe that students thrive, achieve, and belong when their learning connects year to year. Our junior school and VCAL curriculums are closely linked so that the work students do in their junior years prepares them for senior success.

Award Levels

VCAL is accredited and issued at 3 award levels:

  1. Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Foundation)
  2. Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)
  3. Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Senior).

At the Berry Street School, many young people begin at the foundation level in year 10. Then they move up to Intermediate and Senior Award Levels. The VCAL certificate at Intermediate and Senior levels is recognised as a senior secondary qualification.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses

Students can choose to complete VET studies as part of their VCAL senior school certificate. We offer a range of short courses and certificates at each campus based on the needs and interests of the students. This coursework is applied to their VCAL certificate completion.

The benefits

Our different VET courses provide students with hands-on and personalised supports to help them become 'job ready'. Students can apply their learning to a variety of contexts based on their pathways of choice.

Local VET Courses

Students can enrol at TAFE or other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) if the VET subject is not available at their Berry Street School campus. We support each student to find the right course for them, and we tailor our supports for students if they are learning off campus.

Apprenticeships and Workplace Learning

Students can complete an apprenticeship or traineeship part time during their VCAL studies. Our staff support them during every step of their journey. Each campus has a dedicated VCAL Coordinator and Pathway Coordinator to support students to find options that work for them. There are so many options available, from carpentry to hairdressing.

After 2 years of being a student at Berry Street, it has become clear how supportive the staff are. From helping me getting driving lessons, to support when going through problems, and even helping finish before starting my job. They make me feel like I belong.


Career pathways

We have high expectations for all of our learners. Here's our approach to career pathways:

Personalised support

Every student's future pathway is unique, and we treat it that way. We work with the student and their family to find the right options for them.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning gives our students real life and practical job skills.

Lots of choices

We know students might change their mind. We have lots of different career pathway supports available to help students as they figure out that big thing called life.

Practical learning

Our learning is practical. We teach students job ready skills, from how to write professional emails to how to manage an unhappy team member. Our approach is built into all of our classes starting in year 7.

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Ever since I came to Berry Street School, I started getting motivated and looking forward to coming to school. They help with TAFE, getting my driver's licence and more of what you need for the future.

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