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Students at Ballarat campus are excited to read books at school and at home. Since set up of the school library in 2017 with more than 1,500 specially selected books, students’ interest and passion for reading has grown enormously. Staff have worked together to create a reading culture where every student strives for 30 minutes of independent reading per day. At break times in the meeting room, it’s common to find several students with their nose in a book. Even Phoebe the Assistance Dog is committed to the reading program!

VCAL student Kiara was so excited when she finished her first book saying, “I’ve never read for so long! I’ve never wanted to finish a book like that.” Kiara wasted no time finding a new book to read in class, and she is gaining more confidence this term to read out loud in shared reading.

Kate, another VCAL student takes books home every day and has clocked up reading over 50 books this year. Kate’s extensive reading has promoted her own creative story writing and planned future book series. With support and guidance from Maddie Witter, Deputy Principal of the Berry Street School and author of Reading Without Limits, the reading program will continue to build students' stamina and reading skills, helping to inspire young people to become lifelong readers.

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