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During Term 3, our two Pre-CAL classes came together to take on a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) challenge. They had fun inventing little working machines, building towers and contemplating life on other planets.

Week 1 saw the students compete to build the tallest tower that could withstand the weight of a basketball. With a bit of creativity (and slightly bending the original rules), the students proudly beat the staff with a tower that stood well above 7 feet from the ground.

In week 2, students designed and constructed their own mini catapults, launching table tennis balls down the hallway to determine a winner. Our youngest student chose not to use any instructions or YouTube videos to build his catapult and his originality resulted in the longest distance!

Students also participated in a longer project, spending a few weeks designing and building their own Mars colony.

A big shout out to our Pre-CAL team - Can, Simone and Caitlin - for driving the projects each Friday.

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