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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Berry Street believes children, young people and families should be safe, hopeful and thriving. Berry Street is committed to achieving this vision through working with and alongside the people who use our services to address their trauma, repair relationships and strengthen their identity.

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Vision and values

Our vision is to create and sustain a safe and inclusive learning community where our students have access to high-quality education where they can thrive, achieve and belong.

How different

How we are different

Our teaching is flexible and personalised to each student. This means we can provide students with specialised support in areas like learning, behaviour and mental health. This includes students with disabilities.

Planning for the Future 23

Planning for the future

We are grateful for the independent funding that we receive from generous philanthropists. Moving forward, we have big plans - find out how you can help support our school into the future.

Publications and policies

Publications and policies

Find out about the Berry Street School's strategies, reports and policies.

News and stories

News and stories

Stay updated with all the latest news and stories from the Berry Street School!

Jobs 23


We are looking for talented and compassionate people to help our students thrive in their education.

Our story

Our story

Berry Street is one of Australia’s largest independent family service organisations and has been operating since 1877. The first Berry Street School campus opened in 2003 in Noble Park, and has since grown to 4 campuses across Victoria.

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