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Berry Street believes children, young people and families should be safe, hopeful and thriving. Berry Street is committed to achieving this vision through working with and alongside the people who us our services to address their trauma, repair relationships and strengthen their identity.

The Berry Street School is a specialist, independent secondary school initially established in 2003. The school operates to educate children who have experienced trauma, violence, abuse or neglect. The school adopts a trauma-informed approach to teaching and learning – the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) – and puts the needs of our students at the centre of all our services. Since 2003 the School has supported many young people with a history of adverse childhood experiences who are at risk of disengaging with their education, in particular young people in out of home care.

The Berry Street School’s vision is to create and sustain a safe and inclusive learning community where our students have access to high-quality education so they can thrive, achieve and belong.

Our School is characterised by:

  • integration of BSEM in all areas of the School’s work
  • every student being treated with unconditional positive regard
  • a calm and caring environment with small class sizes and high staff-to-student ratio
  • a highly individualised learning experience with all students following their own Individual Education Plans, Focus Plans, and flexible timetabling where needed
  • high expectations and a culture of support with an emphasis on applied learning and work preparedness
  • working closely not only with students, but also with their families or carers and other services to make sure all students have the right supports in place to succeed.

Berry Street has a zero tolerance of child abuse and support the diversity of children’s needs and uphold their best interests. Berry Street will listen to and empower our students.

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