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The Berry Street School is unique.

Our teaching is flexible and personalised to each student. This means we can provide students with specialised support in areas like learning, behaviour and mental health. This includes students with disabilities.

This is how we are different.

Berry Street Education Model

We use the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) to create a stable, supportive and flexible environment for students.

BSEM is all about improving students’:

  • self-regulation (how they manage their responses and reactions)
  • relationships
  • wellbeing
  • growth
  • academic achievement.

Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR)

We promise to treat our students with Unconditional Positive Regards (UPR) - that is, acting with empathy and acceptance towards others and ourselves.

Adopting UPR creates positive classroom environments, supports our students to build and maintain trusting relationships, and it also improves teacher wellbeing. Learn more about UPR.

High expectations

We believe all students can and want to succeed. We create a culture of support and personalise learning based on student needs, skills and interests.

Calm and caring environments

Our campuses provide calm and caring environments so our students can come to school feeling safe and ready to learn.

Working together

We work closely not only with students, but also with families and other services to make sure all students have the right supports in place to succeed.

Our impact

3 : 1

Student to staff ratio. We have approximately 200 students and 70 staff

1 : 1

Support for students starting at our school


Wellbeing staff

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