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We are committed to supporting all young people so they have an excellent education where they thrive, achieve and belong.

Support to re-engage with school

Some students at the Berry Street School have been excluded from education for a variety of reasons. Our Transition Program gives students who are starting at the Berry Street School individualised supports to help them re-engage with their education.

Together, with the support of the Berry Street School staff, student, family, agencies, Allied Health Professionals, and the student's care team, the school creates a re-engagement plan for the young person.

How the Transition Program works

Some young people at the Berry Street School are enrolled in a unique, transition timetable. This timetable helps young people on their journey to re-engage with school so they can complete their senior certificates and prepare for their futures.

The Transition Program:

  • is designed to help students to re-engage with education and to graduate with a senior secondary certificate
  • is tailored to each student's needs - all learners are different and have different needs
  • gives students more one-on-one or small group support with trusted adults
  • teaches students practical wellbeing skills so they can thrive in a classroom environment once they're ready
  • uses hands-on learning materials in their lessons that help build critical and creative thinking skills.

This is the best school that I have attended, before, I was always kicked out of every class. My teachers want to help me learn.

Bek Berry Street School student
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