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Good family-school communication is essential to student success and for a healthy parent-school relationship. The Parent Portal provides parents with a realtime link to view key parts of their child’s school record, from assessment reports to attendance, forthcoming events and account charges.

Pupil information

View important information about your child including:

  • contact details
  • medical info
  • dietary requirements
  • transport information.

Academic reports

  • view current and historic academic reports
  • filter reports by reporting periods
  • easily download and print them to PDF.


  • view weekly attendance for your child
  • view session and class attendance
  • view detailed attendance pie charts.

Parent evening

  • easily book your own slots with each teacher
  • view and print meeting times and information
  • receive notifications and updates about the parents evening.


  • view and book activities online
  • view timings, capacities and costs
  • receive notifications on activities.

Notices (messaging)

  • receive important notifications about your child and the school
  • add notices to diarised events
  • send attachments
  • send/receive messages to teachers.

My details

  • update your contact details easily
  • request any changes to yours or your child's information
  • view login history
  • reset passwords.
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