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The Berry Street School is dedicated to supporting students' futures. We live in a rapidly changing world and to prepare students for this we support students to engage in lifelong learning and constantly adapt their knowledge and skills.

Career education

Our career education starts early. We believe in providing all students, through years 7 - 12 with a quality career curriculum that allows them to build on their strengths, explore careers and make career action plans.

Real-life experience

Staff are committed to providing students with real-life experiences that are authentic and motivating. Students are provided with opportunities to see and experience different jobs. We also support students to attend career expos and further education open days.

Applied learning principles underpin our teaching and learning in each lesson so that students can build an understanding of concepts delivered and then apply it to a real-world situation. In numeracy lessons, students might learn about measurement and then apply this concept by preparing lunch for the campus and measuring ingredients.

Students completing their senior secondary certificate have opportunities to undertake work experience: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL); School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs); and Vocational Education and Training (VET). These explorations assist students in making informed career decisions.

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