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Kate Prendergast was named the Berry Street School Ballarat campus student of the year in 2019 - congratulations, Kate!

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What are your pathway aspirations?

I am a 17-year-old student currently studying VCAL. I have a passion for reading fantasy novels of all descriptions and sizes. Every day I spend hours reading and writing fanfiction stories. I participate in weekly karate lessons and have achieved Yellow Belt 8th Kyu to date. I enjoy bushwalking and am not afraid of hills. It would be calming to have a running stream in my backyard that I could sit by and read. I’d like to have a go at kayaking but only if it’s not cold.

This year I want to find a part time job and earn some money. I recently completed some work experience at The George Hotel in Ballarat and helped out with their comedy night. The staff were like a family to me. I also want to explore more on writing fictional novels. Eating chocolate and being warm are often my 'What Went Well' for the day.

What Berry Street School values are important to you as a learner?

The close interaction and relationship with the teachers at school.

What advice would you give to future Berry Street School students?

If you ever need help just find one of the teachers and ask, they won’t brush you off and they will actually support you and talk you through whatever you need help with.

What is your proudest moment from 2019?

Being the MC for the Berry Street end of year presentation.

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