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In 2019, a number of our junior students at the Shepparton Campus took up the opportunity to head down to the Fern Tree Gully Track in Tremont to do the 1,000 Step Kokoda Memorial walk. The students trained for this throughout Term 1 by heading out into the community and doing local walking tracks. Students also studied the Kokoda Campaign in their literacy subjects with teachers Emily and Tom.

Over 8 sessions in Term 1, the students walked a total of 22 kilometres. This preparation ensured they all demonstrated great stamina, team work and humour throughout the 1,000 steps, which made it an amazing day out for the group.

All felt the benefits of getting out and going for a walk as they trained for this event and on the actual day. As we know, regular exercise has many health benefits, including:

  • lowering anxiety and depression
  • increasing physical health
  • supporting better sleep and mood.

Well done to our junior students and staff Emily, Tom and Troy for running this project and combining curriculum with practical application.

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